2022 Tax Planning Whitepaper

We're happy to make available to you our new 2022 Tax Planning Whitepaper.  In this whitepaper, we will explore where your tax dollars go and some of the ways tax filing may look different in 2022 as well as what you can do to prepare. Keep in mind, this guide is for informational purposes only and is not a replacement for real-life advice, so make sure to consult your tax, legal, and accounting professionals before modifying your strategy.

While You're Here: Do Volatile Markets Concern You?

A Simple Flowchart to Determine What (if Anything) You Should Do

After the end of the 2008 financial crisis, investors rode a wave of optimism for close to a decade, pushing markets past historic highs, and giving investment portfolios a healthy boost after the losses sustained during the bear market downturn. However, there are signs that the relentless market optimism is petering out and I want you to be prepared for volatility.

Though we cant predict the future, expecting the next few years to be volatile is a smart bet

Whether you are in retirement or close to it, or many years away, this simple flowchart will guide you through the questions you need to ask to help determine whether you’re on the right track for volatility or dangerously off course with your investments.

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