Our Process

Imagine yourself spending the weekend on Catalina Island.  That is your goal and you are determined to get there.  Can you envision a sunset stroll along Avalon's promenade; fresh ocean air, a good dinner and a nice hotel?  You can envision it; you are determined and it's real to you.  Yet, how do you get there? Do you enjoy a leisurely sunset sail on the schooner or do you board the ferry instead?  Decisions. Unfortunately, on your day of departure there are headwinds.  Since you cannot sail into the wind you must take the ferry instead.  You might have hoped for the schooner, but you chose the appropriate vehicle, the ferry in this case.  You have adjusted your plans, choosing the right ship to get you there.  Point is, because you know what harbor you’re setting for you will certainly make it and you will enjoy your weekend in Avalon.  You have arrived!  

Let us help you "redefine" your financial goals or tell us what your goals might be - your "harbor", if you will.  Once clearly identified we will work backwards from therePotentially it might be something as simple as a laying out a basic cashflow plan or something more complex like constructing and rebalancing an appropriate investment portfolio or even building a solid plan that will guarantee income you cannot outlive.  With your "harbor" in mind, we will help you to clearly identify the most appropriate vehicle and chart what may be the most effective course to arriving at your “financial harbor” sooner and with less risk

Because getting you to where you want to be is our goal, our mission, we have not achieved our goal until you have achieved yours.  Your success is truly our success.  We look forward to working alongside you.  The next step is yours...