Some say knowledge is power.  While that may be partly true, it is having wisdom wherein the true power lies.  You see, wisdom is the ability to actually apply the knowledge you have obtained throughout your life in the pursuit of your goals.  If we have wisdom we have the foundation for making intelligent decisions.

At Redefine Financial, LLC we are committed to helping people just like you make wise decisions toward the pursuit of your goals.  Whether you are just starting out, getting close to retirement, or have already retired, once we understand your goals and important things like your feelings, family dynamics and your Personal Risk Number® we will work diligently with you in crafting a strategy that carefully balances investments with preserving what you have worked so hard to accumulate thus far.  We will then continue to monitor and measure along the way.

Today's economic environment certainly brings challenges but along with challenges come potential opportunities and rewards.  We will work closely with you to evaluate those possible opportunities and position you to reap any rewards.  It takes effort and commitment; however, rest assured it is never to late to shore up the foundation of your financial future.


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Redefine Financial, LLC

“For the person who doesn’t know what harbor to sail for, no wind is the right wind.” – Seneca the Younger (c. 4BC – AD 65)

While the words of the ancient Roman philosopher and statesman, Seneca the Younger, were penned some 2,000 years ago, they are equally as relevant today as they were then.  For today, just as then, if one cannot identify what harbor to sail for then the one certainty he or she can count on is being lost. 

At Redefine Financial, LLC, we consider your success to be our success.  Helping you get to where you want to be is our goal.  To achieve that, the first step is to clarify  what your financial goal is; what harbor you are sailing for.  You may have your goal in mind already, or maybe not.  We will help you to define or even to “redefine” what your goal (or goals) might be.  Once we've identified your harbor, it then becomes our absolute mission to get you there both sooner and with less risk. That is what drives us at Redefine Financial!

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